⎋ f r i g h t e n b y a h a t

so i came across this old manga titled “special de ikou”. i had the copy in indonesian version, tapi baru sekarang saya sadar… MANGA INI SEBENARNYA SEMACAM YAOI TERSELUBUNG. BAHKAN JELAS-JELAS “UKE” DAN “SEME” ITU DITULIS DI SANA. i… i was so pure… i thought they’re like really best friends and protect each other and stuffs.

"The blood must spill before the flower can bloom."

IDK, I think this excited me way too much than I should.


Excuse you

when i find myself in times of trouble 

robert pattinson comes to me

speaking words of wisdom

“my favorite animal would definitely be an elephant. because, well, it’s not just a pet. you can lie under it and it’s basically a house.”